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Internet Watch Brand

Acute brand awareness throughout the whole process


An international Watch and Jewellery business approached Trend Creation to design and produce a cost effective brand of Swiss made watches to be solely retailed via the internet..



Following a meeting with Trend Creation, they were presented with designs and prototypes that pushed the limits of outdoor product design. In turn, this led to a robust and rugged range of watches. Each timepiece was innovative, reliable and highly cost-effective. What’s more, 48,000 of them were delivered in just four months.



Our Private Label expertise developed and launched a new Swiss watch brand in a record time of 8 months.

For the last 2.5 years the brand product lines have evolved from an initial 15 lines of product to over 30 lines currently. The brand has been a huge Global success - from the Far East to the US markets.


Outdoors Brand

A huge success in international retail environments


An outdoor equipment manufacturer wanted to create an ‘active’ range of Swiss Made watches that could be sold internationally. What it lacked was the expertise to design and launch the watches themselves.



Trend Creation designed a new watch brand concept full of Swiss heritage offering a product line segmented in 5 styles for consumer choice. Trend Creation produced ultra-reliable precision instruments at very cost effective retail price for competitiveness in today’s e business demands.



The ‘active’ watch range went on to be a huge success in international retail environments, giving the outdoor equipment manufacturer an all-important edge over their competitors.